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Exclusive partnership for

Edteq’s business members

Our dedicated team is committed to working hand-in-hand with you to turn challenges into opportunities, ensuring a sustainable upward trajectory for your technology organization.


Benefits granted under this offer cannot be transferred or combined with other Desjardins benefits and are not retroactive. Offer may be modified or withdrawn at any time without notice.
1 To take advantage of this offer, the company must:open a business bank account. This account must be the main operating account. Cashback will begin no later than 3 months after theaccount is opened.
2) Credit card and line of credit subject to Desjardins credit approval.
3) Businesses visited and mentored must meet certain eligibility criteria determined by the Desjardins Caisse des Technologies business team.
4. Service available to new non-Desjardins member companies wishing to transfer their operations to Desjardins.
5. Service available by prior referral from the Desjardins Caisse des Technologies corporate team.
6. These services are offered by a third party. Desjardins cannot be held responsible for any prejudice, loss or damage that may result from the use of these specific services.

Turn your vision into reality

Turn your vision into reality

Your journey to innovation and success starts here. Take the first decisive step to propel your technology business forward. Fill out our form now to schedule your initial strategic meeting with one of our Desjardins Caisse Des Technologies business advisors.

This personalized session will explore your ambitions, discuss the challenges specific to your business and show you how our expertise, network and financing solutions can help you achieve your most ambitious goals.

Our unique approach

Our unique


We’ve developed a winning approach to help tech startups grow fast, based on 4 pillars.


Our in-depth knowledge of the tech & innovation ecosystem is underpinned by agnostic expertise, providing a clear vision tailored to the specific needs of each technology startup.


By working closely with business incubators and gas pedals, we reduce the financial risk for startups by offering tailored financing solutions, backed by a rigorous selection process.

Guidance and mentoring

Our guidance and mentoring approach encompasses personalized follow-up, aimed at strengthening the credibility and strategic development of entrepreneurs within the technology ecosystem.


We play an active role in the ecosystem, facilitating strategic connections and helping companies to position themselves optimally in the entrepreneurial landscape for solid, sustainable growth.

A multidisciplinary team dedicated to the success of your business

A multidisciplinary team dedicated to the success of your business

business team

Wesley Dominguez, Ba-Lam Nguyen, Benoit Merisi, Jean-François Trudel, Samir Mounir, Hortensia Sanz, Llyod Tremblay, Thierry Gerville, Joyce Slin

FAQ : Your questions, our answers

FAQ : Your questions, our answers

Q1. What kind of startups or tech companies can benefit from your services?

Desjardins Caisse Des Technologies is dedicated to the entire technology ecosystem, from early-stage startups to established companies. We have an agnostic approach, which means we support and serve all sectors of activity, and work with various incubators/accelerators of expertise to better support you.

Q2. How can Desjardins Caisse Des Technologies help my startup/business obtain financing?

We offer specialized support in non-dilutive financing, working with incubators, gas pedals and specialized investment funds. We work in partnership to syndicate your financing. We guide you to the options best suited to your project, including loans, equipment financing, goodwill financing, working capital financing, commercial financing, commercial real estate, grants, and other types of creative financing. We think out of the box!

Q3. What type of coaching and mentoring do you offer?

Our support includes personalized mentoring, strategic advice, a schedule of workshops and roundtable discussions, all designed to strengthen your market position and accelerate your growth.

Q4. What is the average length of an accompaniment?

The duration of support is flexible and depends on the specific needs of your business. We adapt to your pace of growth to provide ongoing, relevant support.

Q5. How do you ensure that my company is taken care of?

Our support is personalized. We have a team of experts dedicated to your business, tailored to your needs, challenges and opportunities. We cover operational, strategic and financial aspects.

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